The festival will take place at the turn of January and February 2022, it's time to book these dates in the calendar!

In 2022 there are four very diverse events: an outdoor exhibition ‘Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ at Abbey Place Park, ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’, and concerts of ‘Zywiolak’  and  ‘Ørganek  (support Barber Q)’.

From January 16th  at Abbey Place Park, public members will be able to see the exhibition  ‘Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ in the ‘Polish’  district of Torry. The exhibition commences the cycle of social campaigns,   which presents the Polish community as professionals and culturally active residents of  Aberdeen,  integrating through their activities /living with the area and the city. Project  ‘Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ aims to build the image of  Poles in Aberdeen. Marta Surowiec is the author and originator of the project and Dorota Puszkiewicz is the author of the photos.

The first and the most integrative element of the festival is the traditional ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’. On Friday 5th February on Saturday the Polish Scottish Ceilidh at Pittodrie Stadium from 7 pm. We will celebrate the birthday of the Scottish poet Robert Burns with Polish and Scottish dances, and along with the traditional Scottish dishes (haggis, neeps, tatties), we will serve Polish traditional dishes. ‘Danse McCabre’, the ceilidh band will play.

On February 6th in Lemon Tree from 6.30 pm will perform  ‘Zywiolak‘. Since 2005,  they have been consistently working on rediscovering new  Slavic folk music.  Thanks to them, we learned about “Polish neofolk”. We learned about this extremely digestible genre from the European models of their “innovative folk music ” –  from  Scandinavia and other  European countries, which takes full advantage of  Polish cultural heritage. They take us on a  journey through the pre-Christian times of Eastern and  Western Europe.  ‘Zywiolak’ was the first one to dust off the subject of Slavic mythology in an absolutely uncompromising way.

On February 12th, the only such gig in the UK. ‘Organek’ at Lemon TreeAberdeen, doors 7.30 pm

support Barber Q 

ØRGANEK is well recognized and widely awarded in  Poland. The raw garage sound along with the literary talent of the leader allowed  Organek to quickly achieve the widely commented success. He has platinum albums,  awards in the music industry,  he combines his literary talent with being a musician. In 2021, Organek released two new albums. ‘We will be saved by the love’ commemorating the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw  Uprising  44′  and their latest: ‘For now, I stand,  for now, I look’ introducing a new and modern sound. Tomasz  Organek has recently established his position as a writer. His debut novel  ‘The Theory of Mastering   Fear’  was published at the beginning of  2019  in  Poland.

Barber Q our local talent will meet and play before our star. In  December  2021,    they released their debut single  ‘Dynamite’, the band has been playing since 2017  and their concerts are enjoyable. Getting a lot of interest. Vocalist  Mateusz Psonak took part in ‘The Voice of Poland’, being part of Michał  Szpak’s team.

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