Festival Archive: A Celebration of Unity and Culture in Aberdeen

As we look back on our past events, we are filled with pride for the community we’ve built in Aberdeen. Our festival was a testament to the unity, integration, and cross-cultural exchange that defines our identity.

Through exhibitions, ceilidh celebrations, and mesmerizing musical performances, we aimed to share our culture and foster understanding among friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Your support and participation left a lasting impact on the cultural life of the Polish community in Aberdeen, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

As we archive these past events, we want to express our thanks to all who contributed to this incredible journey. Together, we’ve created something truly special, and we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.

With heartfelt appreciation,

The Polish Association in Aberdeen

The Polish-Scottish Mini Festival in Aberdeen, now in its sixth year, has become a cherished tradition in the city’s cultural calendar. Organized by the Polish Association Aberdeen, it united the multicultural community and celebrated Polish culture. The festival commenced with the lively Polish-Scottish Ceilidh, featuring a blend of dances and traditional Scottish dishes. An insightful exhibition titled ‘Who Are You?’ invited visitors to explore identity and belonging. Musical performances, including a captivating jazz concert and a dynamic show by Maria Peszek, left lasting impressions. The folk fusion concert with the ‘Iona Fyfe Trio’ and the Polish band ‘Kosy’ showcased the unifying power of music. The festival concluded with the ‘Loons & Quines O’Seaton’ exhibition, promoting the positive image of Poles in Aberdeen. We express our gratitude to the Polish Association Aberdeen, the talented performers, and all who contributed to this remarkable event. Music, art, and culture enriched lives, leaving us eager for the next edition in 2024.
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  1. The exhibition ‘Who Are You’ at Trinity Centre – An indoor exhibition about kids’ perspectives on identity in Aberdeen.
  2. Polish-Scottish Ceilidh on 21st January 2023 at Pittodrie Stadium – A celebration of the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns with Polish and Scottish dances, traditional dishes, and music by ‘Danse McCabre.’
  3. New Musette Quartet and Matthew Kilner Quartet at Blue Lamp on 3rd February 2023 – Featuring performances by renowned accordionist Wiesław Prządka and Aberdonian tenor saxophonist Matthew Kilner.
  4. Maria Peszek at Lemon Tree on 18th February 2023 – A showcase of the multi-talented vocalist, actress, and songwriter.
  5. Iona Fyfe and Kosy at Lemon Tree on 4th March 2023 – A folk fusion concert promising an enchanting musical journey.
  6. Exhibition ‘Loons & Quines o’Seaton and Old Aberdeen’ in spring 2023 at Cruickshank Botanic Garden – An outdoor exhibition showcasing the cultural diversity of Aberdeen.


In 2022 there were four very diverse events: an outdoor exhibition ‘Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ at Abbey Place Park, ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’, and concerts of ‘Zywiolak’  and  ‘Ørganek  (support Barber Q)’.

16th Jan 2022 – Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ in the ‘Polish’  district of Torry
5th Feb 2022 – Polish-Scottish Ceilidh
6th Feb 2022 – Żywiolak
12th Feb 2022 – Organek and Barber Q

The exhibition commences the cycle of social campaigns,   which presents the Polish community as professionals and culturally active residents of  Aberdeen,  integrating through their activities /living with the area and the city. Project  ‘Loons & Quines o’  Torry’ aims to build the image of  Poles in Aberdeen. Marta Surowiec is the project’s author and originator, and Dorota Puszkiewicz is the author of the photos.

ØRGANEK is well recognized and widely awarded in  Poland. The raw garage sound along with the literary talent of the leader allowed  Organek to achieve the widely commented success quickly. He has platinum albums,  awards in the music industry,  he combines his literary talent with being a musician. In 2021, Organek released two new albums. ‘We will be saved by the love’ commemorating the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw  Uprising  44′  and their latest: ‘For now, I stand,  for now, I look’ introducing a new and modern sound. Tomasz  Organek has recently established his position as a writer. His debut novel  ‘The Theory of Mastering   Fear’  was published at the beginning of  2019  in  Poland.



  • 17/1-6/2/2020 ‘Commemorations’ solo exhibition by prof. Anna Bochenek @ Aberdeen Arts Centre Gallery with artist talk on 2/2/2020
  • 24/1/2020 ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’ @ Blue Lamp with ‘Danse McCabre’, Nicole D and ‘Polish-Scottish Song and Story Group’
  • 25/1/2020 – Adam Zuchowski and Kamil Pater lead a workshop for the pupils of ‘Ice Candy School’ and they provided a materclass of music improvisation
  • 25/1/2020 – dr Mateusz Pielka met with pupils of ‘Ice Candy School’ and had a lecture about Holocaust and WWII
  • 25/1/2020 – ‘Bees Knees’ & ‘Son Al Son’ @ Lemon Tree
  • 26/1/2020 – ‘Powidok’ & ‘Paddy Buchanana Band’ @ Lemon Tree
  • 27/1/2020 – dr Mateusz Pielka met with Polish Scouts of ‘ZHP Aberdeen’ and gave them a lecture about Jewish scouting organisations in Poland between 1918 and 1939
  • 1/2/2020 – prof. Anna Bochenek lead a workshop of arts ‘Cosmic hybryd’ for ‘Picasso Kids’ group at ‘Ice Candy School’
  • 2/2/2020 – ‘Warsaw Village Band’ (support ‘Claire White & Robbie Leask’) @ Aberdeen Arts Centre

Featured Band of festival

  • 25/1/2019 ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’ with ‘Danse McCabre’, Bogdan Holownia, ‘S.H.A. Hanka Wojciak & Susanna Jara feat. Jacek Dlugosz and Milosz Skwirut
  • 26/1/2019 Bogdan Holownia piano recital @ St Andrew’s Cathedral
  • 26/1/2019 Bogdan Holownia and S.H.A. @ Multicultural Burns Night
  • 26/1/2019 ‘Polish-Scottish Folk Night’ with ‘Iona Fyfe Trio’, Bogdan Holownia, ‘S.H.A. Hanka Wojciak & Susanna Jara feat. Jacek Dlugosz and Milosz Skwirut’ @ Aberdeen Arts Centre
  • 271/2019 Holocaust Memorial Day @ Belmont Filmhouse with Bogdan Holownia
  • 28/1/2019 ‘Hamlet’, Nadya Albertsson & Bogdan Holownia @ Blue Lamp

Featured Artist of 2019

  • 20/1/2018 ‘Folk Fusion Frenzy’ at Halls of Hillhead with ‘Jakim Cudem
  • 24/1/2018 ‘Jakim Cudem‘, ‘Melting Pot Collective’ and Rebecca Dunn @ Lemon Tree
  • 26/1/2028 ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’ @ Blue Lamp with ‘Danse McCabre‘, ‘Jakim Cudem‘, ‘FolkUS‘, ‘Polish-Scottish Song and Story Group’
  • 27/1/2018 ‘Organ Recital by dr hab. Tomasz Orlow‘ @ St Andrew’s Cathedral
  • 27/1/2018 ‘Scottish-Polish Folk Night’ @ Newton Dee Phoenix Theatre with ‘Jakim Cudem‘, ‘Melting Pot Collective’, ‘FolkUS‘ & ‘dr Wojciech & dr Marcin Zupanski
  • 28/1/2018 Holocaust Memorial Day @ Belmont Filmhouse with prof. Tomasz Kawski talking about ‘Oneg Szabat‘ and music by dr Wojciech Golec and dr Marcin Zupanski
  • 29/1/2018 ‘Organ Recital by dr hab. Tomasz Orlow‘ @ King’s College Chapel
  • 2/2/2018 ‘Formacja‘, ‘The Drift’, ‘Melting Pot Collective’ @ Lemon Tree
  • 4/2/2018 ‘Polish-Scottish Sea Shanty’ @ Blue Lamp with ‘Dave Lorimer Band’ and ‘Formacja
  • 27/1/2017 ‘Polish-Scottish Ceilidh’ @ Blue Lampwith Danse McCabre, choir ‘Nadzieja‘ and ‘Polish-Scottish Song and Story Group
  •  29/1/2017 Holocaust Memorial Day @ Belmont Filmhouse with choir ‘Nadzieja‘ and lecture about captain Witold Pilecki
  • 29/1/2017 – choir ‘Nadzieja‘ @ Queen’s Cross Church
  • 30/1/2017 – choriNadzieja‘ @ King’s College Chapel