Paddy Buchanan is a Scottish folk singer/musician based in Aberdeen. He will be showcasing his own arrangements of traditional Scottish songs, joined by Davy Cattanach, Dr. Claire Hawes and Craig Spink. This quartet collaborate regularly on a number of projects, including La-Llamas and Songs From Medieval Aberdeen. Paddy’s full length album “Pills of White Mercury” is scheduled for release early 2020

‘Powidok’ project, it is a result of the acquaintance and collaboration of three musicians: Barbara Wilinska alias Marianna Moori (singer, voice coach, multi instrumentalist, calligrapher), Kamil Pater and Marek Karolczyk (both are members of ‘JAAA!’ band) who are supported by the sounds of Irek Wojtczak (saxophone and clarinet). Throughout their meetings, chats and playing together, they had found a common ground for the fusion of an unobvious archaic voice, classical instruments, traditional instruments ‘’unimportant ones’’ with electronic music. Barbara Wilinska voice, backing vocals, dulcimer, ocarina and struck idiophone. Kamil Pater electronic music and production. Marek Marek Karolczyk electronic music and production. Irek Wojtczak bass clarinet, flute and saxophones.